Tournament Preparation

Congrats to all student who have earned their yellow, orange and green stripe!

From now until April 1st we will begin preparation for our own BOB 2017 tournament that will be held in Tracy, CA. During this time the entire school will rotate between learning traditional forms and weapons forms.

EK: Traditional Foundation Form
Introduction: Palgwe 1
Level 1: Palgwe 2/Nunchucks
Level 2: Palgwe 4/Creative Bo
Level 3: Palgwe 6/Creative Kamas
This will give you multiple chances to earn badges including: Stances, Power, Forms, and Best punch, Best Kick & Sparring. After BOB 2017 in April, we will continue with our blue stripe curriculum. 

All students will have the opportunity to compete in traditional forms, weapons forms, flag sparring, point sparring and/or continuous sparring.

We are going to have our in-house preparation tournament on March 25 to help all students experience the butterflies that come with their first time competing.

For more information about our in-house tournament and sign up for our BOB event please stop by the front desk. We are excited to see all of our students participate this year.