Sport Karate Classes



Castro Martial Arts Competition Team participates in Open Sport Karate Tournaments all across the United States. Sport Karate Leagues that the Team takes part in, include: National Black Belt League and (NBL), North American Sport Karate Association. (NASKA). The Team is proud to field skilled, respectful and successful competitors in adult/children point sparring, team sparring, traditional forms, open musical forms, and weapon forms divisions. We are the only academy in town with World & Overall Grand Champion Titles in Sport Karate!

The National Black Belt League rates Castro Martial Arts 12th in the world & #1 in California.


AKA-16 Nationals

Sport Karate Classes

What is Hyper?

The newest program to our academy bringing together martial arts, gymnastics, music, and choreography. Hyper Pro Training is a martial arts curriculum with weekly classes, cool contests, challenges and special events. The curriculum helps create martial arts athletes with modern drills, kicks, acrobatics, extreme forms and Pro Athlete Mindset. Basically it is an incredible program that creates the best martial arts athletes in the world.