Upcoming Event

2018 Belt Promotion Cycle

Yellow Stripe: January 8th-21st

Orange Stripe: January 22nd-February 4th

Green Stripe: February 5th-18th

Blue Stripe: March 5th-18th

Brown Stripe: March 19th-April 1st

Red Stripe: April 2nd- April 15th

Review Month: April 16th – May 3rd



Upcoming Make-Up Stripe Workshop

Make-Up Stripe Workshop will be held Sundays at 1:00pm for ALL LEVELS!

Please click on the link below and register for your FREE MONTHLY WORKSHOP.

January 28th http://member-site.net/?EV–XXMib

February 25th http://member-site.net/?EV–XXMiP

March 25th http://member-site.net/?EV–XXMii

April 22nd http://member-site.net/?EV–XXMiw

Please join us for movie night! Kids love our movie nights because it’s a great time they get to spend with their friends at the academy. Parents love our movie nights because it allows them some much needed adult-time with their friends or spouse.

Doors open at 5:30pm Movie starts at 6pm. Popcorn and refreshments will be available.Bring blankets, whatever you’d like to make yourself comfy. Kids can even wear PJ’s! This movie night is FREE for all CMA families. Kids are encouraged to invite their friends along.

Register on the link below.
January 27: http://member-site.net/?EV–XXMJi
February 17: http://member-site.net/?EV–XXhPc
March 24: http://member-site.net/?EV–XXhPh
April 28: http://member-site.net/?EV–XXhPX