Youth MMA (7-11yrs of age)

Build A Foundation For Your Chid With Our Kids Martial Arts Classes

There’s no better way than Kids Martial Arts to give your child a set of lifelong physical, social, and mental tools. We are proud to provide the children of Tracy with the most comprehensive Kids Martial Arts training around – including a wide range of disciplines and foundational skills.

Our Kids Martial Arts classes, will help your child grow and find enjoyment in staying active and healthy.

Kids Martial Arts Offers Wide-Ranging Instruction

Your child should never feel confined to one subject or concentration. At our Kids Martial Arts classes feature instruction on a number of the most popular disciplines including:

  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Kickboxing

Your child will combine elements of all four to perfect skills like grappling, striking, and self-defense. Plus, they’ll be active and engaged during each and every class to promote healthy¬†habits of exercise and fitness.

At our Kids Martial Arts classes are perfect for children of all experience and ability levels. We work with students on an individual basis to adapt and modify instruction to meet the needs of every child.

PLUS Lessons Your Child Can Take With Them Beyond The Mat

We want our Kids Martial Arts students to learn more than just the physical skills needed in the Martial Arts. Your child will leave class each and every week with a better understanding of how to conduct themselves around others and how to serve as a leader and a good neighbor – skills they will take with them into the classroom, at home, and ultimately into adulthood.

You’ll notice improvements in their:

  • Confidence
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving
  • Socialization

Get Started Today With our Kids Martial Arts Program

You won’t find a better Kids Martial Arts program anywhere around. To get started now or to see our class schedules. click on the link below!