About Us

At Castro Martial Arts  we go far beyond mere kicking and punching. Academic achievement, physical conditioning and peer interaction are emphasized as well as life skill development such as dealing with bullies and stranger awareness is taught. Martial Arts is not just a method of self-defense, but a way of living, with benefits that carry over into everyday life

Our carefully designed program for children of all ages will improve your child’s performance in other sports, as well as improving study habits and increasing overall concentration. In addition to this, by building self confidence, self-respect, and self-discipline, we are helping young people to deal with the many problems they face growing up in today’s world, including drugs, peer pressure and gangs.

There are so many Martial Arts styles, that there is no perfect one alone. Learning Skills in several system will increase the percentage of knowledge and skill, which will enhance capability to NOT BE THE VICTIM.

At CMA, our children’s program is the best way to go. We teach each one of our students using basic philosophy of positive reinforcement to build Self Esteem, Confidence, Discipline, Positive Attitude and Values. At CMA, we realize that although the ability to defend oneself is important, there are many other additional benefits to martial arts program.

Pre-K & Kindergarten (4-6yrs of age)

Welcome to “Excellent Kids,” our Pre-K & Kindergarten life-skills martial arts program. It features 12 important life-skills taught in an age-specific curriculum that is fun and engaging. Excellent Kids gives your child the tools to succeed at home and in school.

Each week your child will build their confidence learning life skills such as focus, teamwork, respect, and discipline. They’ll gain valuable awareness of their body through coordination, control, and fitness. You will feel confident knowing they can safely act when they practice what to do when faced with a bully or stranger.

Each class, you’ll get to join your child on the mat for the parent participation portion to practice these life-skills in everyday situations. Your child will learn to look you in the eyes when you speak to them and to wait respectfully when you are on the phone. They’ll practice good manners by answering you with “Please” and “Thank you” and to do things the first time you ask.

Your child’s self-esteem will grow as they earn a new life-skills stripe each week. You’ll feel empowered with the written handout and merit badge that you can use to motivate your child to continue the learned behavior outside of class.

Excellent Kid’s purpose is to help your child be their very best. We are grateful to offer this life-skills martial arts based program to you and your child.


Kids Martial Arts (7-12yrs of age)

Martial Arts challenges the entire body, develops coordination, balance, agility and poise. These traits are often neglected and not fully developed in team sports. Martial Arts will help your child to discover that through self-discipline and perseverance he or she can accomplish almost anything.

Martial Arts teaches children to think instead of panic in potentially serious situations as well as how to react to threats from other kids. Your child will also be taught not to be a bully. For life threatening situations only, your child will learn practical self-defense

The Traditional Karate aspect of this class covers classical stances, punches, blocks, kicks, Katas (choreographed martial forms), and concentrates on developing form and the characteristic Karate “snap” and power. The stances and precise movements build strength, stamina, focus, breath control, balance, and coordination. This training also builds a great foundation for other physical activities and athletics, as it helps foster a deep grounding in movement. We also cover practical kicking techniques, effective hand strikes & ground fighting skills with the concept from our program to provide you with a well-rounded martial arts experience.


Become A Member

The best way to learn about Castro Martial Arts is to experience our programs first hand. During your Trial Course, you’ll have a chance to come in and tour our convenient location, meet our trained staff of professional Instructors.

Your Trial Course is designed to let you and/or your kids experience the fun and practicality Castro Martial Arts system offers. We specialize in making you feel comfortable during your initial classes. An assistant will be by your side to ensure confidence and proper technique at all times.


Each course begins with a private lesson, which has three purposes:

  1. It allows you the opportunity to try the karate class and see if it is something you enjoy.
  2. It also allows you a chance to check out the studio, meet the instructors, and get a good feel for how we teach our classes.
  3. It gives us the opportunity to evaluate you so we can recommend the right program to meet your needs